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About us

NarainInvestments is the online as well as offline platform that compares various investment options across different product categories to present you the most suitable solutions for your financial goals. NarainInvestments provides you the freedom to choose investments without compromising on the range and quality of investment options.

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Here are the 3 working steps on success.

Collect data

Your risk profile, past investments, your prefernces and concerns - all are considered here.

Portfolio building

Based on the data collected, schemes in the portfolio are decided. Asset allocation principle is also considered.

Portfolio review

Depending on nature of portfolio, review frequency and date is decided. Re-balancing of portfolio can happen here, if necessary.


Investment portfolio

Whenever you think of making investment, three things should come on top of your mind – Risk Profiling, Products and Asset Allocation.

Insurance Portfolio

Getting yourself protected from unknown risk should always be the first priority. How to get yourself, your family and your assets protected - we tell you that. Insurance is important when it comes to managing risk

Tax Fundamentals

Tax planning is an important part of a financial plan, as reducing tax liability and maximizing eligibility to contribute to retirement plans are both crucial for success.

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature.

Wealth Management

Through proper asset allocation and risk analysis we help you to create ideal portfolio to grow your money at desired rate. Products are chosen from all asset classes - equity, debt, property, gold etc.

Retirement Planning

Regardless of your age, it is never too early or too late to begin looking after your money. Visions of retirement vary from person to person and include such things as relaxing full time, travelling, pursuing a hobby.


Secure your future through systematic investment, Select your goal and calculate how much you need to invest!


when I interacted first time with Naraininvestments.. Thanks to Naraininvestments who gave me excellent advice and encouraged me to invest in mutual funds. After that conversation I am feeling secure and safe by investing as per the advice from Naraininvestments. I would like to thank Naraininvestments for taking care of my investments and for immediate support whenever I required and hoping that this relation will go long.

Amit Bhatia

(Sales Manager)

"Its been more than 6 years with Naraininvestments and I can surely says that my investment are in good hands. I am very impressed with Naraininvestments (Mr. Anshu Saxena) for his prompt support and advise. He handles all my queries or doubts and provide regular guidance and suggestions about what is best for my portfolio."

Mukul Chauhan

(Mechanical engineer)

"I am very much thankful to Naraininvestments and specially to Mr. Anshu saxena for his continuous support even beyond the office hours. He is always there whenever I needed his expertise. All my investment decisions were taken only after discussion with him. Last 8 years with Naraininvestments was a wonderful journey and hope to continue the same in years to come. Best Wishes to Naraininvestments -Together we will grow!"

Ramesh Grover


"In 2010, I was searching someone who can provide better guidance regarding how to fulfill future needs and goals. In between we got call from Naraininvestments. I would say that was the golden moment of my life. Now I am feeling secure by investing as per guidance from Naraininvestments. One more thing I want to say here, Naraininvestments not only suggests better funds but they also monitor performance of the funds themselves and suggest what we have to do now. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!"

Attal Bhatia


"I am associated with Naraininvestments since last 10 years. I have purchased life insurance policies as well as health insurance policies from them and currently me and my family have innvested in mutual funds. Naraininvestments ( Mr. Anshu Saxena) has guided me timely and handles all my investments. I have been well supported by him. Naraininvestments has supported me, whenever I had any issues/problems."

Jasbir Singh